Best Budget Hotels in Jaipur

Located in the heart of rajasthan, India is its capital, the first planned city of India, i.e. jaipur. The city popularly known as pink city was constructed by the great Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh ii in the year 1727.

Jaipur has fascinated people from all around the globe with her secularism and her culture. There are palaces, forts, museums, world trade park, historical monuments, places of religion, world class shopping malls and lot many things to visit in here. As with the growing number of tourists, hotels in jaipur have maintained equilibrium with the places of accommodation.

As with the rise of tourism industry in jaipur, there is a monotonic rise in the number of hotels as well. In such an unending race every jaipur hotel aspires to attract more and more number of tourists for their stay. The question to ponder is how many hotels in jaipur are really competent enough to survive among their fellow competitors and attract a decent traffic of tourists for them. To be the best, they surely need to beat the rest by fulfilling a number of parameters that others can't even define. Listing some of those parameters in the list, they now need to have an excellent infrastructure, a larger space in terms of area; they should offer a highest degree of personal service.

Elegance and style abound and rooms must be equipped with all the necessary amenities which can make any and every tourist feel home away from home or even a better experience. A valet parking and lastly concierge service which can round out the experience. The hotel which will follow all these parameters and more gets automatically entitled to the 'best' hotel in jaipur.

Hotel Shahar Palace offering a huge number of the modern services and facilities can surely be bestowed with title of "the finest accommodation in jaipur". With the exceptional convenience and comfort hotel Shahar Palace has achieved an excellence in every facet of hospitality and is greatly known for its architecture, superb craftsmanship and exquisite ambience. With all its customs and hospitality, it stands a class apart among all other hotels in jaipur.

Be it the international traveler, a business man or even a pleasure tourist, every guest at hotel Shahar Palace is pampered with great care. Owned by the royal family of Fort Shahar, the hotel Shahar Palace welcomes tourists from all around the globe with its unique traditions blended with the great rajasthani hospitality.

Hotel Shahar Palace has carved for itself a name in some of the best budget hotels in jaipur by following an endeavor to ensure that each and every single guest in here leaves with fond memories and a healthy desire to return. With its sui generis and emblematic services and hospitality hotel Shahar Palace is soon to become the best hotel in the city.