Best Places to Visit in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is indeed a folk lore of heroism and romance in the name of various kings and their heroics that tells us different tales of the bygone era. The formidable monuments and palaces majestically stand forth and narrate a story each.

Its rich culture, enchanting hospitality, varied wildlife, sparkling deserts, lush forests makes it a destination non-peril for each and every outdoor as well as an indoor-tourist.

Henceforth tourism in rajasthan has acclaimed new heights for itself. Endowed with the natural beauty and ravishing history, tourism is a flourishing industry in rajasthan. The state of rajasthan is well identified to attract tourists from all over the world for its desert safaris, wildlife safaris, camel riding, horse riding, elephant riding and many more. Cities such as jaipur and Jodhpur offer visitors a plethora of sights and its fantastic forts to tell the stories of the bygone era and hence encouraging the rajasthan tourism.

Tourism in rajasthan accounts for eight percent of the state’s domestic product and this is the main reason why the government is encouraging more and more tourist spots in every city of rajasthan and no wonder rajasthan tourism has become a boon as it has created a lot of employment for its people. An instance of this is that many old forts and palaces have now been converted into heritage hotels. Hotel Shahar Palace is a good example of this.

Over the years rajasthan tourism has experienced tremendous growth in terms of revenue or be it the number of tourists. To spend holidays in a place which is calm and serene and which offers great varieties in terms of places to visit is a dream of every tourist and to fortify the fact “rajasthan has it all”. In the recent years a rise has been seen in the business culture in the state of rajasthan and tourism in rajasthan is an industry which is no exception. The tourism industry has seen a rampant growth enabling a perspective in the minds of the people to preserve the very own culture and customs which is a very remarkable thing to be. The varied, beautiful and natural destinations and availability of an international airport, rajasthan is poised for the further growth especially in the tourism industry.

One can also pamper himself in the lavish and profuse heritage a property like that of hotel Shahar Palace, which itself is a prolific heritage property of Maharaja Virendra Singh of the Fort Shahar. Rajasthan has something to offer for everyone, you just have to choose right places to visit matching up with the right mood.

Treat your eyes with splendid sand dunes, the tiger trail; quench your safari thirst on horses, camels and even elephant. Measure the sky along with the Aravallis - India’s oldest mountain range. You can even watch the birds and listen to their chirps in the wetlands, calm yourself on the hill station and the list goes on and on. Indeed tourism in rajasthan is increasing in a monotonic fashion.