The royal family of Shahar is Kachawa Pichonot Rajputs, the descendents of maharaja Prithvi Raj, who was the ruler of Amer from 1559 AD to 1584 AD. The faimly is the proud owner of the Shahar fort, which was built by Thakur Hari Dass Ji in 1500 AD. The fort is located, 130 km north-east of Jaipur towards Agra. It faced a lot of attacks and invasion attempts from the Mughals and Marathas due to its strategic location at the border of Jaipur state.

The Rulers and Scions of Shahar Royal Family are still remembered for their bravery and valor till today. Thakur Bharmal Ji, Thakur Durjan Singh Ji, Thakur Udai Singh Ji fought a lot of battles against the Mughals and the Marathas in 1678 AD. Thakur Udai Singh's son Thakur Jagannath Singh, the ruler of Shahar was the Chief of Mirza Raja Jai Singh I Ruler of Amer, Army 1678 AD.

The next ruler Thakur Umaid Singh of Shahar, fought many battles too. In one of battles with the Jats of Bharatpur in 1767 AD, he died fighting bravely till the last breath. This battle was won by Jaipur forces and the Bharatpur Jats were defeated.

His descendent was Thakur Raghunath Singh. During his rule, the Shahar Fort was surrounded by the Maratha Holker's Army but they were given a tough fight by Kachawa Pichonot Rajputs of Shahar and their attacks were repelled and cannons were captured which were presented to the king of Amer / Jaipur by Thakur Raghunath Singh of Shahar.

His descendent Thakur Amar Singh fought another battle with Muslim Chief of Mughal Army Ashraf Khan. The Mughal Army retreated and ran away leaving all their Arms and Ammunition. His descendent Thakur Bakatawar Singh, had been a brave ruler. The last ruler of Shahar, Thakur Jaswant Singh's son Colonel Virendra Singh fought "the" 1971 Indo-Pak war with same valor, bravery and courage as his ancestors did. He kept up the high tradition of his family and the name of his brave and courageous ancestors alive till the end.

Shahar Palace in Jaipur is an 80 years old residence and has been converted into a hotel now. This heritage hotel in jaipur is running since the past 20 years by Colonel Virendra Singh and his wife Nalini Singh, the scions of Royal Family of Shahar and Kunadi. Since his retirement from the Army in 1990, Col Virendra has sought to replicate this cozy intimacy in his ancestral home.

The Heritage Fort

This Fort is situated in Nadauti town, District Karauli, Rajasthan.

  • Shahar Fort is located on the “Golden Triangle” of Delhi-Jaipur-Agra.
  • The fort is just a short drive from the main Jaipur-Agra National highway.
  • After a drive of about an hour and half, on the Jaipur Agra National Highway, turn right from Sikandra towards Gangapur City and take a 30 min drive to reach the Fort.
  • Close to Shahar Fort is a lake and on its ‘Ghat’ there are eight very artistically crafted “Chataris” decorated with frescoes.
  • It is located on the top of a hillock. The Fort has an ancient temple dedicated to Shehara Devi.